srijeda, 18. travnja 2012.

The War is Dead, Long Live the War - Bosnia: The Reckoning

"This book is nothing if not an attempt to record what happened to some of the people who survived and were bereaved by the concentration camps in particular - and how they built new lives to resurrect or replace those that had been taken from them. And thereby to register their erasure - though that seems self-contradictory - so that they have at least this modest record of their tribulation and achievement in not just existing, but living, laughing and bearing and raising children in the existential loneliness and historical irony of survival, entwined with pride in who they are..." Ed Vulliamy

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  1. fantasticna - slucajno sam ga vidio u gradu kako daje izjavu za neku tv, prisao mu i pitao ga mogu li doci na promociju knjige koja je to vece bila na bjelavama. tako sam dosao do knjige, inace ne znam moze li se uzeti u nekoj od knjizara...
    ps. ja sam je procitao, tako da se mozemo dogovoriti preko maila da ti je prebacim na citanje ako zelis